Nrf2 A Beautiful Win for Your Skin

Nrf2–A Beautiful Win for Your Skin
You’ve heard the old saying, “Beauty is more than skin deep” – and it’s true – did you know your body has a built-in “beauty protection” network inside every cell, including your skin, which is your body’s largest organ and susceptible to both internal and external assaults? You’ll often hear that the skin has “two layers” (the dermis and epidermis), but actually there are seven—5 layers within the epidermis (uppermost layer) and 2 layers within the dermis (deeper layer). These seven different layers work very hard to protect your delicate tissues from cellular stress due to damaging environmental factors (see table). It is a well-known fact that chronic cellular stress leads to accelerated damage in all tissues within the body, including your skin, leading to wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone, and even cancer.
While you appreciate the wisdom that comes with age, you certainly don’t mind looking ten years younger than everyone at your high school reunion. Fortunately, there is new (peer-reviewed) research in the medical literature describing a more effective and natural approach to caring for your skin, that addresses what goes on inside at the deeper layers of skin (not just the surface) so you can once again have glowing, clear, healthy skin on the outside. Your instincts are correct—having healthy, beautiful skin is truly an inside-out process, and this is the focus of the latest skin science.
Nrf2 to the Rescue! A Natural Solution to “Aging” Skin
Aging of your skin is actually a complicated cycle of cellular breakdown (“apoptosis”) and repair/regeneration — a process that we physicians refer to as “cell renewal.” In the case of your skin, this includes collagen turnover. Nrf2 activation naturally and inexpensively fine tunes this entire process.
Nrf2 acts as a “cellular thermostat”, regulating your skin’s response to stress. Numerous studies have shown that both topical and internal activation of the Nrf2 pathway has a wide range of benefits for your skin, including protection against DNA damage from UV radiation (which leads to skin cancers), reduced inflammation, enhanced moisture barrier function, and improved circulation and wound healing. In layman’s terms, Nrf2 protects your skin and restores its youthful characteristics from the inside out. Several herbs and other plants have been shown to have mild Nrf2 activity both as foods and as topical applications. However, certain synergistic combinations of natural Nrf2 activators have been proven to have dramatic benefits on the skin (see photos). While Americans spent 12.9 Billion dollars in 2015 to create the illusion of younger skin through cosmetic surgery, Nrf2 activation offers the key to naturally younger and healthier skin.


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