Biohacking The Aging Code

Blog with Biohacking Image Are there natural solutions to the aging epidemic??
It seems more and more young people are being afflicted with conditions normally associated with advanced age. All around us we are seeing children and young adults on prescription medication for high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and joint inflammation. Young men in the prime of their life are being treated for low testosterone. Older men fighting this decline find themselves on the back of a tiger trying to recapture their youth. People of all ages are struggling with chronic pain such that an opioid crisis is gripping our nation. Worst of all, we are seeing our beautiful children being stricken with formerly rare and often incurable cancer. Specialized healthcare and advanced medical resources are woefully inadequate, and despite long waits, expense and even travel to seek out experts, most will leave frustrated at the lack of answers. Clearly what we’ve been doing isn’t working.
What does this myriad of devastation have in common? Is there a unifying factor? Could there be something upstream of all of that goes wrong with advancing age, something that’s now occurring sooner than ever in so many unfortunate victims?
The answer could lie in as unlikely a place as Okinawa, Japan, where the world’s largest percentage of centenarians can be found enjoying a vibrant, pain-free & active lifestyle well into their 100’s. There, the focus is on balance and harmony, with emphasis on nutrition, stress-reduction, dignity, activity, fresh air, sunshine and clean water. However, is such balance even possible in today’s 24/7 age of iPhone addiction and “constant availability“?
The answer is a resounding YES.
However it is self-evident that the old-school methods of fad diets, antioxidants, and especially reliance on prescription “fixes” are not the answer. And while looking younger through synthetic hormones or plastic surgery may seem like a shortcut to slowing “aging”, at least on the surface, there are some serious health consequences to that approach.
It turns out that the solution to the aging epidemic incorporates this ancient wisdom with cutting edge science, working with the body’s innate intelligence in order to become one’s best future self. In fact, the millennials have coined a term for this: Biohacking, which means taking control of a complex system (specifically your own biology) in order to achieve a desired outcome.
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